"Update" is recommended for a dynamic translation plug-in for Unity Games (Bepinex edition)

Recently, H Meng and I both sent two unity-made games.,That's exactly the インサルトオーダー resource I picked up myself. Bring a translation plugin with you,And then took the time to study it.,The publishing URL for the plug-in was found,Found out it was good.,At least Japanese blindness can barely play.。function is good,The main drawback is that the reaction is slow.。10/21Revised some of the places that were inadvertently typed.。

English is better than think of their own research can point to this link:


Next, my tutorial is for people who can't read or bother to get it.:

  1. The first step is to make sure that the game catalog is in plain English or digital,Otherwise, the game will not open after the plug-in is installed。
  2. Download the Bepinex plug-in and xunity Auto translator plug-in。Xunity Auto Translator also supports other plug-in frameworks,But since I only tried Bepinex,,So this tutorial uses Bepinex to explain。The following is the current latest version。
  3. BepInEx_x86_v4.1.zip

  4. Download the above file according to whether the game is 32-bit or 64-bit,32Bit games can only be used bepinex_x86,64Bit games can only be used Bepinex_x64_v4.1.zip。Determine whether the program is a 32-bit or 64-bit method (provided you are a 64-bit system):Open the game,Open Task Manager,Right-click your game in Task Manager,Point go to process,If there is a *32 behind the process name of the game,That's 32 digits.,If it's not, it's 64-bit.。For example, the インサルトオーダー of H's germination is 32 digits.,The Eliminator I sent was 64 digits.。
  5. 0
  6. Copy all the files in the Bepinex compressed package to the main program directory of the game first。Take インサルトオーダー as an example,This game is out there, launcher is just a starter.,It's not the main program of the game.,The main program of the game is the Io.exe in the Gamedate folder.。Then open the game to initialize the plug-in,And then quit.。How to judge the main program of the game:The main program of the Unity game is in most cases with a folder with a "program name _data",For example, the main program of this game is Io.exe,There is a Io_data folder in the same directory,So this io.exe is the main program of the game.。
  7. 1
  8. Configuration files that will be config.ini in the Bepinex folder after initialization,Open it,Change the first item in the Console=false to Console=true,Then opening the game will pop up a command prompt window at the back,It's easy for you to monitor if the plug-in is working properly and if the error。Save and close this document。This step can be done without doing,Has no effect on use。
  9. 2
  10. We then copy the folders in the Xunity.autotranslator-bepin compressed package to the directory of the game's main program.,Merge with previous Bepinex folders,Then open the game again to initialize the game,And then quit.。
  11. 3
  12. Automatically translated plug-ins are initialized to generate a Autotranslatorconfig.ini profile and a translation folder within the Bepinex folder,The former is the configuration file for the translation plug-in,In the latter, the translated control documents are stored.。Because the default setting for plug-ins is daily,So the next thing we need to do is delete the English version of the control file in the translation folder (_autogeneratedtranslations.en.txt),And then open Autotranslatorconfig.ini.,Change language=en to Language=zh,The rest doesn't have to change.。Save and close。The entire plug-in is configured to complete。


This translation plug-in is the use of several large machine flip platform on the network to dynamically translate the game text,Therefore, the entire network needs to be networked。Support for "Googletranslate", "Googletranslatelegitimate", "Baidutranslate", "Yandextranslate", "Watsontranslate", "Excitetranslate",That's right,Baidu is also supported by,I also specifically went to apply for a Baidu translation API,But I don't know why I can't get a translator.。All but googletranslate need to register and apply.,After that, fill in the corresponding AppID into the configuration file,I'm not going to mention it here.,Interested, you can take a look at the description file of this plugin.。By the way,,H Meng that version of the main menu is traditional Chinese (is it going to be official sinicization?? )。Download my version of the gentleman and just do the last step of the above, OK.,You don't have to download anything anymore.。

The advantage of this plugin is that you don't have to wait for someone else to be Chinese.,But the downside is that translation is slow.,It's also a test of network speed.,There is often a misunderstanding of the original text in the machine flip。Usually cut a screen out to get something and cut it back, that's pretty good.,But it's more annoying to wait for the text when you're in the Adv.。The window outside that command prompt always pops up some yellow and scarlet characters.,Basically, if the configuration is correct,,Those you don't care about at all.,Translation timeout due to Simple network problems,will automatically reconnect the。
This translation plug-in has several shortcut keys:
Alt+t:Switch between translated text and original text。You can cut back and see what the original is when you don't understand what you think is a mistake.。
Alt+d:Discard untranslated text (if endpoint is not set)。Endpoint a setting in the configuration file,If endpoint is empty,The plug-in will only use the local control text to translate the game。
Alt+r:Reload the translation file。Useful when you modify a text file while the game is running。
Alt+u:Manual Hook。Plug-ins sometimes do not automatically capture some text。Use this to get him to re-examine.。

Never press these shortcuts when you use them.,May result in duplicate translations,The translated Chinese is used as a Japanese translation of the God Horse again.。
If a gentleman has finished playing the whole game and automatically translates all the text,Or a capable gentleman who corrects and glorifies the translated text on his own.,You can share the _autogeneratedtranslations.zh.txt in the translation folder with someone else.,Just throw it in the translation folder when someone else is using it.,But make sure that the endpoint= in the configuration file is empty.,Language=zh。

To lazy people 32-bit Edition

Some of the more advanced games,When turned on, the console may pop up the following error (for example, the following game),Change the Entrypoint-assembly=unityengine.dll in the Config.ini in the Bepinex folder to Entrypoint-assembly=unityengine.coremodule.dll。

[Lex nursing my yield Kura 夹]
Glazed shrine ★ ACG.GYOriginal founder writing,转 hold please hold the original Chi-Li: http://www.liuli.in/wp/66414.html

Hard world this personal piece struck minutes:"Update" recommends a dynamic translation plug-in for Unity Games (Bepinex edition)

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60 Thoughts on ""Update" is recommended for a dynamic translation plug-in for Unity Games (Bepinex edition)

  1. Thanks for sharing, but reason.,Mikonisomi's IO doesn't have an interpreter to play with, probably? Who's going to take a closer look at the conversation and the plot?,Ctrl jumped off.,I don't know if I'm like me.。
    One of the great benefits of the personal feeling of unity 3d engine development is that it works very well without a transfer zone or something.,Plus these plugins or something, I don't know if it will affect the stability of the operation.。

    • It's not all.,The author of this translation plugin is aimed at Japanese games.,Compatibility is not high in itself,Compatibility with other languages is also to be considered。I have a unity game called Atlantic Fleet.,With this plugin, it's going to crash.。

  2. How do you initialize the translation software?。。。Did you open the game directly after decompression? I did not find that the main program produced Config.ini small Bai Tiu to save。。。

  3. This is the game that was tested.,And then use the X86 32-bit.,There are config.int configuration file generation,But after changing the ture, there's still no pop-up window.,I don't know what happened.。
    The translation program that followed was also carried out according to the process.,But after changing en, I found that the folder did not generate AutoGeneratedTranslations.zh.txt this file.(It was when the whites looked at en that they knew what the file was.),So there's still no translation.。
    So in what step did I have a problem?

    • And then what,It's amazing.,If I use the lazy version above, there will be a console popping up.,Then the translation is also normal (pity my junk network Google translation is very slow very unstable),So at what point did I actually have a problem?

    • And then what?,I'll grab the Bepinex file and the translation plug-in separately.,found that you only need to change the Bepinex original file in the lazy bag will be normal pop-up window,But it doesn't work with the original.,There should be no problem with emmm initialization or anything.,The config.int will be generated automatically after the,But why is this so kind of confusing?。

  4. Teacher,I got three hours.,Lazy bag for use,I just don't know why it's in Japanese after the last step.,However, if you change the en in the INI file to EN, it will be translated into English normally.,Could you give me a guide, please? Thank you

  5. Teacher,I studied it all night.,Lazy bag for use,I found out that when I followed the last step,,It's still Japanese.,But at this point, if you change zh to EN,,It's going to be translated normally.,Can you give me a guide? Thank you

  6. Teacher,I studied it all night.,When I use the lazy bag and follow the correct steps to do the last step, it's still Japanese.,However, if I replace the file with EN, it will be conducted in accordance with the normal daily translation of the English,Why is that? Please guide me if it is convenient for you.,Thank you

    • You see if there's a _AutoGeneratedTranslations.zh.txt file in the Translation folder.,When you open it, see if there's a translator in there.,The format inside is "original text" = "Translated text",If there's nothing on the right side of all the equal signs, it should be a problem with the network.,Relatively slow translation,Cut the screen and go out and do something else.,If it's never been translated, it could be your operator's problem.。

  7. Simplified Chinese is ZH-CN,But how do you adjust the display font?[Textframeworks]The parameters below don't look clear.,I've got this text right.,But most of the words that show less space are "mouth ports."。Whether it's in Jane or in the complex,。
    Other:Below[Behaviour]Overridefont= ,It can be customized.,You can find the correct English font name from Xonsole's Scarlet Letter。

  8. I use it to flip English games.,Result fonts are not supported,Only part of Chinese,Everything else has turned into a-----.,What to do

    • There is a OverrideFont= in the configuration file of the translation plug-in that the ID of the font will be filled in later using the font you filled in as the font for all text display in the game。However, you need to fill in the English ID (not the file name),It's generally the pinyin of fonts.,You can fill in one casually first.,When you open the game, the console will get an error.,In the scarlet Letter of the error, you can find the correct English ID.,Name sort of,As long as the fonts don't fit too much,,(I installed 347 fonts) It shouldn't be too much trouble to retrieve.。It is recommended to check the English name comparison table of Chinese fonts,Baidu Library has,It's pretty full.。
      For example,What I filled in was
      OverrideFont=Microsoft YaHei
      So the font in my game is Microsoft ya Black.。By the way,,It is recommended that you go to the original URL of this plugin to update the new version,The latest version now adds shortcut keys Alt+F to switch between the default font and the overlay font。

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