[Marmalade ★ star] Dora ru's and ~-glorifying Crystwind

2019January, 07 pm,Update 2.0,««Pull Lanqing 从 Livemaker update world UNITY,
Auto painting, WMV breaks world MP 4 color saturation Shou breeders,Optional using the window mouth of r.。««An operation method breaks go,Additional CG。

A new work by the "マーマレード★スター" society,This club is always going to be a fellow of the Love series.,
I've been out of Simi Temple before spring food.、Gu Chuan、Dream of Dreams、Golden Shadows、This time, it's finally the turn to form a bergamot.,
It says that the setting of the citrus is small o is born.,Is there really no problem?
3D Animation in exe form,Anyway, is this a game or an animation?

2019Updated Jan 07, 2.0
Adding content and other
★ taken ru's and ~-glorifying Crystwind ★ version 2.0 changes 2019.01.07

Until now taken ru's and-used engine that Livemaker series、
View reports does not work with the win10 environment to the rare case that there is、
Engine swap to UNITY + reception、Reworked as version 2.0。
According to that、Win10 did not work well to work now。

Is in the form of a free upgrade、
Because it has become a completely different applications、Past versions of
You can use if you put in another folder you can also coexist with。

Changes in version 2.0 is as follows。

And that movie was from WMV to MP4、High image quality and color became more accurate。
-Window mode size variable becomes、You can now play at whatever size。
And been changed to font character is cute。
-After the second day of H scene、Added two stills。
-Added pipes wind effect on voice conversations in the Park。

-How to change the angle of the H scenes was changed。
-Red numbers button on the lower left click with the mouse、Switches to the angle corresponding to the numbers。
And nothing so far by clicking、Switches to the next angle、Angle of the first loop and go to the end。
• * In LM Edition、Please note that viewing angles on the keyboard is no longer。

[Marmalade ★ star] Dora ru's and ~-glorifying Crystwind
fa8c84d978aedaaac76b634fe3f75efa7b684a60 [2.0]
Delivery date 2018/10/27 10:00
File size:3186.98MB
Game genre:Adventure
Series:Taken ru-, and-
Subject matter:Cartoon / Anime
ジャンル:Mini series、Love, usually、For men、Public / roshutsu、Blowjob、Her younger sister、Video and animation、Adventure、Under the Boots、Leg、MoE、Nakadashi、New

○ hero of the school and、Forbidden years sister usually love story。

A busybody sister are、Made to take care of my brother and always firmly。
But really、More like a child ○、Like my sister、There was a feeling you want to depend too much on age-appropriate...
That went into the bath together after a long time, in the wake
To become a forbidden relationship、By chance、They saw men's classmates and friends playing。
I have my boyfriend、I wonder if you just playing with my brother?
The whereabouts of forbidden love... how?


7Guests can enjoy different days in each H scene。
Can be seen from multiple angles like H scene。
Hand jobs、Foot jobs、Blowjob、Masturbation、Play park outdoors、
Open-air bath、In the train、Inn rooms
Provides a wealth of situations。

And the date selection mode can be started from any date、
Because the H-scene flashback mode can be used from the beginning、
Buying the right away!

Trial of all 7 days day 1 whole can play。

CV:Ichinose (s)

* Ago you buy please make sure with the trial version to check the operation。
If the trial works *、The product still work。

* Coming soon、In the free version
* Barefoot footjob、Am going to add to play such as water H school。
* Those who purchase you can upgrade for free。

[Lex nursing my yield Kura 夹]
Glazed shrine ★ ACG.GYOriginal founder writing,转 hold please hold the original Chi-Li: http://www.liuli.in/wp/67221.html

Hard world this personal piece struck minutes:"[Marmalade ★ star] Dora ru's and ~-glorifying Crystwind.

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