[papers] Your mother was my maid。

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Your mother was my maid。
サークル Name :papers
Dealer Merchants Day :2018December 01, 0:00
form of work:Motion painting
ファイル form:WMV
その He:Voice and、Video and、3DCG
ジャンル:Married woman、Master and servant、メイド、Nakadashi、Paizuri
File size:1.11GB

Work contents
Occupation, made ROE a housewife, I willfully obotchamakun also serve to!

♦ story ♦
Selfish[Your obotchamakun.]Of working as a maid in the home heroine, pure white(Mashiro)
Her son, obotchamakun on good terms with customers、And instead of them continue a good relationship
Ordered the remains had gone "special offer"

♦ heroincharactervoice ♦
Mr. Sai warehouse star flower

♦ sold at reduced prices for a limited time during!♦
After the discount(After the change to the tax cost 1100 Yen)To
Add videos(Approximately 10 minutes)Updates will be delivered as ver1.1。

* Delivering ver1.1 at important * update so no need to re-purchase。
Please update calendar items will be。
Deeersaitecom to guarantee it is not。
Please purchase after getting the note that at this stage productions。

[Lex nursing my yield Kura 夹]
Glazed shrine ★ ACG.GYOriginal founder writing,转 hold please hold the original Chi-Li: http://www.liuli.in/wp/68190.html

Hard world this personal piece struck minutes:"[papers] Your mother was my maid。"

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    Thanks to the subtitle group for so many years of company
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    Faith does not destroy resources constantly
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  2. Although modeling is good,,But I have to say ... The main face of the female owner the whole wood does not change with a bit except blinking w

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