[おれんジル] とらぶるファンタジー

Recently out of A to love Ru's fellow RPG game,
Very traditional RPG.,But CG is still pretty good.,Playing games and CG looks good, too.。
The protagonist of a peaceful daily life, the Pear Dou June, was suddenly summoned by the different world.。In the world of being called,The Lord, who was sealed a long time ago, is about to rise.。
And the minister of the summoned Pear bucket begged the pear bucket to become the king of this country to crusade against the demon.,So the pear Bucket carries the holy harness that is circulating in this world.,Began the journey of the Crusade against the Lord.。

サークル Name :おれんジル
Dealer Merchants Day: 2019Year 01 month 01 day
Last modified date: 2019Jan 06.
シナリオ:Backing properly
Illustrations:Backing properly
Year year designation :18Ban
form of work :Role playing
ファイル form :Application
その He :Voice and、Music and、Body 験 Edition
ジャンル :Tsundere、Indecent language、Loli、My sister、Bunny girl、Rape
File size :1.19GB

Work contents

Hero lived a peaceful life would suddenly summoned to the world。
Had been trying to revive the demon was sealed long ago in the world were summoned。
And a man who identified himself as Minister of the castle was summoned and King of this country、To subdue the demon king
Be asked。
Sacristy in this world is wearing、Had emergency incident journey is about to begin。

~ Game ~

Sex CG 36、Include the difference more than 420
-Principal carrafluvois
-Assume around 12 hours play time
Mufufu items unobtainable sub-events, but are also available.
Are actively looking for try sub-events.。
 (Harem sex at will to get items in sub-events)
And also the circuit elements have(Add sex events)
-To simplify cumbersome fixed armor equipment、And attack specific combat system
Has been。
Have to be battle unleashes a defeat during the battle with the boss,
Please note that people who don't like(See the humiliation is not available)

* In the first trial to check the operation please。

[Lex nursing my yield Kura 夹]
Glazed shrine ★ ACG.GYOriginal founder writing,转 hold please hold the original Chi-Li: http://www.liuli.in/wp/68787.html

Hard world this personal piece struck minutes:"[おれんジル] Dora ru fantasy. "

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43 Thoughts on "[おれんジル] とらぶるファンタジー

  1. Is this v1.0?,I don't know if anyone's having the same problem as me.。The first forest map to enter, there's an old man at the door who wants you to help him find something. NPC,He's stuck at the entrance to the map.,But if you're done with him, he's not going away.,Makes it impossible to explore the first picture,And you can't go on with the game.。I don't know if I personally missed it.

  2. The story is probably that the pear bucket gets up early to go to duty.,Because spring food is also a duty student. 。And then when I got to school, I just had to confess to being called to a different world.,Turns out that the old man in the world confessed to being misunderstood, gay, and was taken to the lobby to make a setup explanation. 。And then meet the same called Spring food.,Women are called to settings where memory impairment must be restored by SJ.。And then when the spring food listened, it slipped away.。There's a javelin in the right treasure chest in the lobby.,There's a force in the left cupboard.。Out of town to the southern Grove to pick up the mission.,It's where there's a little tree in the middle.,The old man at the door asked you to give him 10 Yellowstone.,Playing the little monster will be out。The lower right corner of the hall maid conversation can be restored。Japanese is not very understanding,Just play here for the time being.,The rest of us realize it.

  3. 这游戏有点坑啊 好像不是完整的 打到魔王城 转移水晶 出BUG了 说什么不能读取自定义信息就死机了.卡死那了 最气人的就是一个破山洞 5 到 6层我最多血就5000 法师2600 等级47 加上BUff 一个魔法32万血 格斗家 价格属性 两回合的那个连击两下 13万一次 现在遇到的boos最少血都150万多

  4. 我想知道那个初始城堡地下监牢藏宝室那个钥匙在哪找。。。说是要找什么后裔啊。。在第二个村(右上角房子后面)找到一个NPC说是啥后裔 然后说有个传说是 魔の土的树 南4步 就是找不到

    Ps:一周目一通关 还是找不到

      • 那个密码在一层有个发光纸条 写着 皆杀暗示密码是37564
        另外我每个角色为什么只有4张cg.. 每个角色的第五张cg都没有解锁..有人知道怎么解锁吗?
        魔王恭子的cg只有可怜的一张一共36张cg 我一共才收集到按照主线推进的每个女角色4张和恭子1张.. 差的有点多….十分的在意啊..
        在意的我在一周目结束后开始了二周目 但是二周目也通关了还是什么都没收集到….

  5. 难受 目前刚进传送门 去了魔界大陆什么的需要修好一个桥才能接着过去村长给了我一个简易桥保管者的钥匙 我也不知道去哪里找卡关卡了几个小时好痛苦啊有大佬玩到这里吗

      • 谢谢= =才看到 已经通关了2次了好多收集的cg都没有找到只有正常途径得到的每个女主角4张cg. 2次通关都找不到他们每个人的第五张cg在哪2333
        而且魔王恭子才一张cg 他后面全是空的好在意233 难受

  6. 卡关了 魔王城的转移水晶转移回最开始的王城之后 到了第二层打死那个堵门的魔女之后上楼 还是第二层 怎么上都是二层 然后那层有个密码锁我也不知道该咋整 求个通关大佬。。

    • 密码37564 不谢

      顺便 地下室那个钥匙你们打到了没里面有些啥东西。。。我1周目通关了 写真2/3除逛液差3个没开 1倒是有了 然后隐藏CG钥匙只拿到了1/2 少个3的CG 顺便隐藏角色CG只拿到了2……

      再有个问题就是。。。第一次水晶传到王城之后要回初始的城堡需要走那个坍塌的矿洞。。但是堵住了 是不是传送之后就回不去了?那么意思就是。。。。在传送之前能找到地下室的钥匙咯?(不然回不去你后面找到了也没用 因为二周目不继承1周目找到的东西。。。emmm除了个别防具)

      Ps:游戏里有改变立绘的饰品(红色心型标记的 暂时找到2个 春菜的未知)
      1:蜜柑 王城被魔族毁灭之后门口不进城右手边城墙外会有个新NPC对话得知王城周边森林地下有遗迹(打败遗迹boss获得蜜柑立绘饰品以及1张隐藏卡片 可以同过卡片找到隐藏角色获取CG)
      2:古手川 魔大陆炸开挡路的石头之后山顶击杀boss后剧情自动回村庄 再次登顶有额外剧情 救了一个武者NPC 会收到谢礼 饰品X1

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