[おれんジル] とらぶるファンタジー

Recently out of A to love Ru's fellow RPG game,
Very traditional RPG.,But CG is still pretty good.,Playing games and CG looks good, too.。
The protagonist of a peaceful daily life, the Pear Dou June, was suddenly summoned by the different world.。In the world of being called,The Lord, who was sealed a long time ago, is about to rise.。
And the minister of the summoned Pear bucket begged the pear bucket to become the king of this country to crusade against the demon.,So the pear Bucket carries the holy harness that is circulating in this world.,Began the journey of the Crusade against the Lord.。

サークル Name :おれんジル
Dealer Merchants Day: 2019Year 01 month 01 day
Last modified date: 2019Jan 06.
シナリオ:Backing properly
Illustrations:Backing properly
Year year designation :18Ban
form of work :Role playing
ファイル form :Application
その He :Voice and、Music and、Body 験 Edition
ジャンル :Tsundere、Indecent language、Loli、My sister、Bunny girl、Rape
File size :1.19GB

Work contents

Hero lived a peaceful life would suddenly summoned to the world。
Had been trying to revive the demon was sealed long ago in the world were summoned。
And a man who identified himself as Minister of the castle was summoned and King of this country、To subdue the demon king
Be asked。
Sacristy in this world is wearing、Had emergency incident journey is about to begin。

~ Game ~

Sex CG 36、Include the difference more than 420
-Principal carrafluvois
-Assume around 12 hours play time
Mufufu items unobtainable sub-events, but are also available.
Are actively looking for try sub-events.。
 (Harem sex at will to get items in sub-events)
And also the circuit elements have(Add sex events)
-To simplify cumbersome fixed armor equipment、And attack specific combat system
Has been。
Have to be battle unleashes a defeat during the battle with the boss,
Please note that people who don't like(See the humiliation is not available)

* In the first trial to check the operation please。

[Lex nursing my yield Kura 夹]
Glazed shrine ★ ACG.GYOriginal founder writing,转 hold please hold the original Chi-Li: http://www.liuli.in/wp/68787.html

Hard world this personal piece struck minutes:"[おれんジル] Dora ru fantasy. "

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      • Two yuan of women's clothes are painted a woman to insist on men。
        It's all fake, okay?
        Want to stimulate,Just go see a three-dollar dress.。

        One time, a cheap hand.,I saw a three-dollar women's film.。
        I'm not going to lift it on the spot.。

  1. Is this v1.0?,I don't know if anyone's having the same problem as me.。The first forest map to enter, there's an old man at the door who wants you to help him find something. NPC,He's stuck at the entrance to the map.,But if you're done with him, he's not going away.,Makes it impossible to explore the first picture,And you can't go on with the game.。I don't know if I personally missed it.

  2. The story is probably that the pear bucket gets up early to go to duty.,Because spring food is also a duty student. 。And then when I got to school, I just had to confess to being called to a different world.,Turns out that the old man in the world confessed to being misunderstood, gay, and was taken to the lobby to make a setup explanation. 。And then meet the same called Spring food.,Women are called to settings where memory impairment must be restored by SJ.。And then when the spring food listened, it slipped away.。There's a javelin in the right treasure chest in the lobby.,There's a force in the left cupboard.。Out of town to the southern Grove to pick up the mission.,It's where there's a little tree in the middle.,The old man at the door asked you to give him 10 Yellowstone.,Playing the little monster will be out。The lower right corner of the hall maid conversation can be restored。Japanese is not very understanding,Just play here for the time being.,The rest of us realize it.

  3. I hit the ancient hand chuan.,and send it straight to another place, and then it's full of blood. There's no place for a blood card to fight here in this mountain, but.

  4. This game is a bit of a hole, it doesn't seem to be a complete hit to the Magic Wangcheng transfer crystal out of the bug said what can not read taken from the definition information on the crash. It's the most exasperating thing about a broken cave. 5 To the 6 floor, I have the most blood on the 5000 mage 2600 level 47 plus buff a magic 320,000 blood fighter price attribute two rounds of that hit two 130,001 times now encounter the minimum blood of more than 1.5 million boos

  5. I want to know where the key is in the treasure room of the initial castle underground prison.。。。Say what kind of descendant you're looking for.。。Find a NPC in the second village (behind the house in the upper right corner) and say it's a descendant, and then he says there's a legend that the tree of the Earth is 4 steps south, and I can't find it.

    Ps:One week, one clearance, or I can't find it.

    • Big guy, I'm going to ask the magic Wangcheng. After the transfer to the beginning of Wangcheng, the second layer of the button with the password is the main line or related to the treasure trove. I'm stuck on the two floor.。。

      • That code has a glowing note on the first floor that says it's all killing, suggesting that the code is 37564.
        Besides, I can't find the key to Wangcheng basement in the first place.。。Looks like someone mentioned something about the South 4 steps or something.…
        I haven't seen the West three steps.… Where is the place to dig the caves with a shovel?
        Besides, why do I only have 4 CG per character?. The fifth CG for each character is not unlocked. Does anyone know how to unlock it?
        Magic Wang Gongzi's CG is only a poor one.… Altogether 36 CG I collected only a total of 4 women characters and 1 sheets of Christine pushed according to the main line.. It's a little too bad.….Very concerned about AH..
        I care, I started at the end of the week, two weeks, but the two weeks were cleared, or nothing was collected.….
        (If there's anything going on, you can ask me here.) It's been cleared twice. )

  6. I've just entered the portal and gone to the Magic continent or something.。A bridge needs to be repaired before it can go on.。The village chief gave me the key to a simple bridge custodian, and I don't know where to look.。It's been a couple of hours at the card level.…Is there a big guy playing here?

      • Thank you = = only to see has been cleared 2 times。A lot of the collected CG didn't find it.。Only the normal way to get 4 CG per heroine. 2The second clearance can't find the fifth CG of each of them. Where's the 2333?
        and the demon Wang Gong a CG, and he's all empty, and he cares about 233 uncomfortable.

  7. The card turned off the Magic Wangcheng transfer Crystal transferred back to the beginning of the Wangcheng after the second floor to kill the door of the witch after going upstairs or the second floor, how it's all two floors, and then there's a password lock on that floor, and I don't know how to get a clearance mogul.。。

    • Password remember is 37564 tips on the first floor of the glowing note that says remember is all killed
      It was also found by the search for digital stalks.

    • Password 37564 No thanks

      By the way, did you call that key in the basement? ,There's something in there.。。。I 1 weeks to clear the photo 2/3 in addition to the solution Difference 3 did not open 1 but then hide the CG key only got 1/2 less 3 CG by the way hidden character CG only got 2……

      One more question is,。。。The first time the crystal reaches the Wangcheng, the original castle needs to go back to the collapsed cave.。。But blocking it, isn't it going to go back after the transfer? So that means。。。。Can you find the key to the basement before you teleport? (or you'll find it if you don't get it back, because two weeks doesn't inherit what 1 weeks find.。。。Emmm In addition to individual armor)

      Ps:There are changes to the painted ornaments in the game (the unknown of the red heart-shaped mark for the temporary finding of 2 spring dishes)
      1:Bergamot Wangcheng was destroyed by the Demons after the door does not go to town right hand side wall outside the border there will be a new NPC dialogue learned that wangcheng surrounding Forest underground remains (defeat the ruins boss to get bergamot painting jewelry and 1 hidden cards can be found with the card hidden role to obtain CG)
      2:The ancient hand Chuan Magic continent blew up the stone to the block after the top of the mountain kill boss after the plot automatically back to the village again on the summit there is an extra plot to save a martial arts NPC will receive thank you jewelry X1

      • Spring food is in the village on the right side of the magic continent.。There's a road in the lower left corner of the village that can go in and get you to fight the mountain thieves in the forest outside the village.。
        You said the Wangcheng basement cell treasure chest. My inference is to find the key on the Magic continent. Because there are 3 clues (first Wangcheng the NPC in the basement, and then there's an NPC in the upper left corner of the village where Bergamot is located, and there's a NPC at the bottom of the house in the Magic Continental village. South 4 West 3 South 2 so probably the key is on the Magic continent.
        Doesn't there be an event through time and space when you get the key and go to the demon Wang Cheng? is to destroy the transmission stone there.。will be sent back once Wangcheng. Although I still haven't found the key.
        In addition, the jewelry clues thank you..
        How did you get all your hidden CG?

        • All I can say is that most of the memories I didn't get were defeated (including CG).
          Special recall (CG) needs to find hidden character victories after acquiring booty (Harem key 123 hidden character Photo 123)

          Ps:The hidden character is to help her ...

  8. The keys to the cell have been found.。。According to all the clues provided by the NPC,
    Magic Continent Tree Down South 4 West 3 South 2
    After the bridge of the demon Wangcheng was repaired, there used to be a very clear single tree there.
    Follow that clue under the tree and you'll get the keys, probably for the Wangcheng in the Demon City.。(Magic Wang Cheng has a plot to go back to Wang City to destroy the portal)

    3How to get a female character jewelry
    Bergamot:After the castle demon who met Lara killed the man in the castle and went right at the gate of the castle, there was an NPC, and he would tell you that a new location went in and there was a conspicuous, apparently different floor.。 After investigating where the slate can be passed through that blocking NPC and then the fight wins, you can get her video.
    Spring cuisine:There's a place on the left side of the Magic Continental village that can go in and get in. After accepting the maid's mission, a new location will be refreshed outside the village to defeat the mountain thief inside the leader will be able to obtain
    Gu Chuan:The place where the woodcutter was helped to obtain the mission prop of the Wang Cheng Bridge was the one that had been walking up the valley (the valley where the explosives were blown out of the stone) beat the Valley boss and then returned to the top of the valley to investigate where the cliff where boss died will find an NPC hanging under a cliff to get

    The NPCs of the cell key trail are respectively:
    1.The NPC in the city Dungeon where the protagonist just came out tells you that the key exists, but the descendants who guard the vault know it.
    2.In the upper-left corner of the village where Bergamot met, a NPC will tell you the first clue, four steps south.
    3.There is a cave beneath Lara's castle where a shovel is needed to open it (the shovel needs to be bought at the hotel next to the little dark site before the little dark) there's a traveling merchant in the hotel. 3000 bucks a shovel, one seems to be enough) and then go into the cavern and hit the last side, and there's a NPC that tells you the Key's
    4.In the first village of the Magic continent, the village chief is in the lower right side of the house, and there's a house just next door, not far below. You need to press Z to open the door.。Maybe a lot of people don't know to open the door to get in (and the NPC in this House seems like you're not going to trigger a conversation before he doesn't show up? I didn't see this NPC house empty in the first two weeks of my purpose. After seeing him, he'll tell you the clue is South 2 steps or something.
    5.And then, after fixing the bridge of the demon Wang Cheng, go straight down the bridge and you can see the little tree, and then follow the clue and press Z to get the key.(Magic Continent Tree Down South 4 West 3 South 2)

    Bergamot Jewelry was obtained and returned to you a hidden prop that prop is on the right side of the tower where the little Dark is located. If you press Z to use it, a bridge will appear to defeat the hidden character will give you an inexplicable prop (I don't know what this prop is for, but the number is 1, there should be several, and then the collection is complete. It's going to be hidden. CG) Hidden props I only found this one, so I didn't find one of the hidden CG.
    That's all I know.。 If anyone knows the information I don't know, I'd like to leave a message under me. It's also so that later people can see the whole strategy. Together, we are slowly hanging out with the strategy is complete..

    I know it now, but I can't find a solution.:After saving the village chief, the Magic Continent returned to the cavern of the wind, and there was an open treasure chest, and the way the Treasure box was opened was unknown.

    There are also a lot of hidden CG and hidden characters that are not found. Find a way unknown.….
    In addition to the light liquid also did not find the full (and except the light liquid seems that as long as each map carefully search those jars can be obtained will not be explained)
    Old drivers with knowledge of the situation welcome the message below to tell me ah hide CG and hide the role of the strategy Ah!
    Of course, do not understand the place can be left in the following message I know will be in time to tell you..
    Just the sauce..

    • Hide CG words to defeat that hidden character I'm currently getting 3 things. Key 1 Key 2 (after customs clearance choose to use trigger double fly CG 1 is small dark + bergamot 2 is Lara + West Lotus Temple) and then there's a photo of 2.。。Modifier Extract Discovery Portrait is also 123 3 sheets = 3 hidden CG

      Most of the other CG comes from the Boss War defeat DANGER prompt fight (PS:Start choosing whether to watch insults to choose a second confirmation to watch before there will be CG or directly GAME over)

      Removing light。。All I can say is that 1 is collected 2 less 1 3 less 2 is currently two weeks to the demon Castle, maybe some places can also z open the door I didn't pay attention to it ... (Everything you can go to on the road anyway)

      Ps:Save the village chief's wind tunnel.。。After the plot triggers, you will encounter a hidden character (the treasure Chest is the second CG key)

      • The light lotion you're carrying, I remember, if you get the cell keys,。You can get one inside the underground cell after the demon Wangcheng transmits it back to Wangcheng.。And then there's 4 of the strongest weapons.。But the weapon doesn't have much impact. = = It's probably a weapon description it's a little fun.。
        Because I personally hid the key and didn't find it.。So I want to know 3 locations.。。。It would be nice to know where the third key is and then answer it..

  9. Feed:
    Ctrl can speed up text
    It takes 2 weeks to recover all the memories of CG.
    Forests are easy to meet enemies.
    The strategy begins. :

    Choose the 2nd option at the beginning to recycle the defeated H
    There are ATK props on the left cabinet on the 3 floor of the city., Better get a weapon on the right., Right down and the maid can rest when they talk.
    There are def props in the barrel on the right side of the 1 floor of the city., Left to go underground cell and soldier talk
    To the forest to the south., Entrance close and talk to the merchant., Go outside and play Shrek., Get 10 yellow stones and bring them to him.
    Forest area 2nd Da Chun Cuisine, After winning, she joined.
    The city has new weapons for sale.
    Through the southeastern undersea tunnel.
    Into the village 2 times after the enemy hit the beautiful citrus, After winning, she joined.
    Village left and man talking., The pot on the right house has hidden props., The clothes in the house on the right mound are with mat props., The barrel at the bottom right of the wine yard has props with SPD.
    Go to the forest again., Area 2nd Click Dead Wood there are hidden lanes
    The 4th area, after opening the box, hit the multi-Eyed monster.
    The city has new weapons for sale.
    Click on the fireball to the east of the village after passing the bridge
    Go east and follow the road to the mountain tunnel.
    There are ATK props on the right side of the 2nd area of the Mountain tunnel., The lower left pot has a 1 props for the photo.
    The 3rd area has a DEF prop on the right., A multi-eyed monster near the center.
    Go to the south-east house after the mountain tunnel., Talking to a businessman can buy a new weapon.
    Go to the Crystal shrine to the west and talk to the men.
    To the caves to the west., Start area on the left of the bucket with ATK props
    The barrel on the left side of the 2nd area of the cave has a 2 prop for the photo., The central pot has def props.
    After hitting the ringleader, hit the ringleader., After winning, she joined.

    The place after the transfer :

    If you don't buy a weapon, you'd better go back to the house and buy it., It's best to raise the grade or buy SP reply props first.
    Crystal Shrine Click Red Crystal to go to the new area, You can't go back after the transfer., You can't rest until you cross the mountain path.…
    To the mountain road to the west., The barrel near the Treasure chest in area 2nd has a 1 props for the photo.
    There are ATK props in the lower left pot of the 3rd area of the Mountain road., The barrel on the left of area 4th has props with SPD.
    Area 5th near exit hit multi-eyed monster
    Go to the northwest village after the mountain road., Lower right, save the girl.
    To the sanctuary in northwestern village., Below talking to the village chief, go to the lower right tent and talk to the man.
    After the city and the soldiers spoke in the north,, To the House to the east., Buy a shovel from a businessman(スコップ)
    To the tunnel to the south of the refuge., Click on the small sand mound to enter the inside, Start the box on the left side of the area with Def props.
    There are AGI props in the box on the left of the 2nd area of the tunnel., The lower left box has ATK props.
    The barrel in the middle of the 3rd area has a 3 prop for the photo., The box on the right has a prop with def., After playing the ringleader, talk to the man on the right.
    From the house to the East tower., Start area on the right side of the pot with def props, There are ATK props in the pot below.
    The barrel on the left side of the 2nd floor of the tower has a prop with Mat., The pot in the middle of the 3rd floor has AGI props.
    The pot in the middle of the 4th floor has a 3 props for the photo.
    The pot on the left side of the 5th floor has ATK props., The kettle on the right has a prop with def., It hits the shadows.
    Back to the back of the town and the woman under the right. , Then there's a new labyrinth in the southeastern forest.
    There are ATK props in the pot below the Maze start area., The pot in the middle of the 2nd area has a 2 props for the photo., And look at the nearby slate
    The pot in the middle of area 3rd has a prop with Mat., Click on the stone statue to pass, And then the ringleader can get the equipment of the bergamot.
    (2 weeks to target equipment.) There's a shrine to the east. , Preferably fully equipped with bras(ブラジャー), After winning, you can take the Harem keys 1 and サンピ photo 1, Use Portraits to recycle CG
    From the House to the oasis in the southeast., And through the southeastern Sand Desert Road., There are 1 props on the left of the 3rd area of Sand Desert road.
    Out of the Sand desert Road to the Crystal Temple to fight Ape Mountain(Defeated with H)

    Magic Continent :

    And go to the Crystal Shrine in the desert., Click on the crystal to go to the Magic continent, You can't go back after the transfer., We have to go to the village to rest.…
    Along the road to the mountain tunnel, The bucket below the start area has a prop with def.
    There are hidden props in the barrel below the 2nd area of the Mountain tunnel., The pot on the right has a 1 of the props for the photo., Exit masturbation
    Village after the mountain tunnel into the northeast
    The house above the village near the prop shop, The upper right cabinet has a 2 props for the photo., Village to talk to men on the right
    Village, on the left, near the arms shop, the village chief, talking to the maid., To the west outside the house talking to the maid soldier., The house under the village talks to the men and goes to the forest to the south., After the thief's head, go back to the village and report to the maid soldier that he can get the equipment for spring food.
    To the caves to the west., The pot above the start area has ATK props.
    The pot above the 2nd area of the cave has a prop with def., Buckets with ATK props.
    The barrel on the right side of area 3rd has a prop with Mat.
    The pot on the right side of area 5th has a prop with def., Above, Ape Mountain.(Defeated with H)
    (2 weeks to target equipment.) District 6th, hit the ringleader., Preferably fully equipped with bras(ブラジャー), After winning, you can take the Harem keys 2 and サンピ photo 2, Use Portraits to recycle CG
    Go to the tent in the northwest of the village and talk to the man and go Southwest and click on the Boulder.
    Back to the village and talk to the village chief.
    The village left under the door and entered the cavern to the south of the village., The pot above the start area has AGI props.
    Area 2nd of the cave to the south of the village, There are props with def in the pot below.
    The pot on the right side of area 3rd has props with ATK., The pot in the center has props for mat., Inside, hit the ringleader with the dynamite.
    Southwest Click Big Stone can blow it up.
    to the southeastern Mountains., Peak hit ringleader
    One more time, the top of the mountain can get the only equipment.
    To the tent in the northwest of the village.
    Back to the village and talk to the village chief after going to the top near the prop shop house, Talk to a woman and get the keys.
    And then to the caves to the south of the village., In District 3rd, open a box and take a simple bridge.
    Simple bridge for village North can be used , And then go to the tower in the northwest.
    On the 1th floor, the pot on the right has AGI props., The barrel on the 2nd floor has ATK props.
    The barrel in the middle of the 3rd floor has a prop with def., and lewdness.(2Them has a defeat, H.)
    On the 4th floor, the barrel on the left has a prop with Mat., The
    Fight the Ape Mountain(Defeated with H)
    Trees from the northwest, South 4 West 3 South 2 can get the keys to the house.
    Magic Wangcheng :

    The demon Wangcheng to the northwest., You can't go out again when you're inside., Preferably before buying a few SP full reply props
    Hit the little ringleader and press the switch., And then go to the 2 floor and fight Ape Mountain.(Defeated with H)
    2The cabinet on the left of the building has a 2 props for the photo.
    1Building click on the bookcase on the right, And then open the upper door and into the ground.
    Basement 1, press the switch and talk to the merchant., And then back to the 1 floor to buy a chainsaw.(チェーンソー)
    Woodcutter after beating the ringleader
    Basement 2, press the switch and hit the ringleader.
    After hitting the ringleader on the 3 floor,, 1/F, back to town, Go to the central crystal room and talk to the shadows and click on the Crystal.
    City 2 Floor on the left click Glowing after, Go up to the 1 floor and hit the ringleader.(Defeated with H)
    4 floors below the top, playing the ringleader after Sara.
    Go to the Crystal Room and click on the Crystal.
    Look at the notes right down and go to the cell on the left., Hit the little ringleader and get the strongest weapons and photos. 3 Props for use
    Hit the little ringleader on the 2 floor., Press 3 Switches, Last 1 into 37564
    Hit the little ringleader on the 3 floor., Click on the Magic array and hit the ringleader.(2Them has a defeat, H.)
    The room above the 4 floor of the basement., The cabinet on the left has a 3 of the props for the photo.
    (2 weeks to target equipment.) There's a ringleader in the southeast 4 floors, and the best full gear bra(ブラジャー), After winning, you can take the Harem keys 3 and サンピ photo 3, Use Portraits to recycle CG
    5 Floors underground, Christine.(Defeated with H)
    There are harem keys 1 to 3 to see 3 3P

    As for the tackle, where did it come from?。。。Leveraging search Engines。
    There are a few pictures in the other strategy.,Can't let it out.。
    Incidentally, a word,There's a website that can reduce liver degree.:http://Web.save-editor.com/tool/rpg_tkool_mv.html

    • I followed the strategy.,Some of the defeated plots have not been tried (NTR discomfort)。Except for the second page, the third row, from left to right, and I don't know where to get it.,The rest is open.。Don't want to turn it off again.。。。There's trouble knowing how that vacancy opened.。

      • Should it be the one next to the Meizu? Remember, it was Christine who, after the magic Wangcheng with Crystal back to the past Wangcheng, that boss's defeat over there would be available, but it would take two weeks to get it.。
        In addition, the hidden character strategy says he'll get portraits and harem keys. Why do I only get the harem keys?。。I've got my bra fully equipped.。。Now the last three of CG didn't get it.。。It's supposed to be the CG of the hidden character.。。

      • Powerless。Japanese bitter hands can only rely on search engines to survive,As for the steps in the strategy to omit, you don't know.。I'm guessing it's probably you're not a two-week target.,Or none of your four characters put on a bra (pear bucket wearing bra what ghost),I'm two weeks, and four of them are wearing bras, and they're going to get two together.。I don't know much about your situation.。

    • There's no hidden character in the southeast of the four basement.。There he is.。I've met him 2 times.。 Is the third time on the ground floor 4?

    • Found the original basement four, the southeast staircase, where the walls above the stairs are able to walk.。Then go straight around the back of the stairs = =

      • -。-Emmm don't know if it's because the modifier has been changed too much. Two weeks to clear the use of the Harem key 2 will be black screen caused my harem 3 CG can not open out of the hidden portrait also do not know exactly how to trigger out only the second one。。。Everything else is all over.

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