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[Cabbage soft] Amazing grace - What color is your attribute?

Story Introduction:"To the one you love.",Blessings of the Holy night that never hangs ... "
The protagonist of memory loss·シュウ,Wake up in the snow-Falling "town"。
Incredibly wonderful place.,He thought to myself,。

Reminiscent of the ancient appearance of medieval Europe。
Respect the cultural values of art more than anywhere.。

And also,Known as Aurora (note:The Goddess of dawn of the Nordic mythology),Surrounded by the town's huge closed walls.。 Continue reading

[しーきゅーしー そふとうぇあ] はーれむ とりがー!! (Harem Trigger)!![First-person shooting]

A masterpiece of the same game! Two days ago, friends recommended downloading and playing.,Overall, it's still more interesting.。

including regular shooting.、Sniper battle、Three levels of helicopters,And a blast like a blast head. B Judgment。。。

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[Argonauts] Family Sister

The last one was called "the Woman of the family.","うちカノ" Series Overview This is one of the continuous series of works of "family" and "family" and "Family Lovers"。
Settings & amp; stage remains unchanged,Every story unfolds independently.。
Cause this,Of the three works,No matter which part of the customs clearance,Doesn't affect the gaming experience.。
Simply put,,is a gal split into 3 sold,Pit money。
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[Atelier hump] Ask Philoctetes [part II] Ver.2

Atelier hump's magazine dojinsha guomao 10th anniversary special promotional memoirs just works,Main origin come editorial consideration world friend、Home FR series Yuji Tanaka and 恼 Fujiwara Yukino,Kazuo Peng kosaka Ryosuke 1,Visit ask completion of other uncle 所经 营的 are Center for psychological。Ryosuke of Uncle、Medical student Ito 推荐 APY"hypnosis"。Medical conditions promote line PCs people who 1。
Part I 1 share 2 PCs watch 频道,1 PCs is completed against,One PCs this seminal 泰华 Edition。Consultng on my experience-all this hanging stomach in mouth,Last chapter of exodus r. age of this seminal 泰华。 Continue reading