[Cabbage soft] Amazing grace - What color is your attribute?

Story Introduction:"To the one you love.",Blessings of the Holy night that never hangs ... "
The protagonist of memory loss·シュウ,Wake up in the snow-Falling "town"。
Incredibly wonderful place.,He thought to myself,。

Reminiscent of the ancient appearance of medieval Europe。
Respect the cultural values of art more than anywhere.。

And also,Known as Aurora (note:The Goddess of dawn of the Nordic mythology),Surrounded by the town's huge closed walls.。 Continue reading

[しーきゅーしー そふとうぇあ] はーれむ とりがー!! (Harem Trigger)!![First-person shooting]

A masterpiece of the same game! Two days ago, friends recommended downloading and playing.,Overall, it's still more interesting.。

including regular shooting.、Sniper battle、Three levels of helicopters,And a blast like a blast head. B Judgment。。。

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[Argonauts] Family Sister

The last one was called "the Woman of the family.","うちカノ" Series Overview This is one of the continuous series of works of "family" and "family" and "Family Lovers"。
Settings & amp; stage remains unchanged,Every story unfolds independently.。
Cause this,Of the three works,No matter which part of the customs clearance,Doesn't affect the gaming experience.。
Simply put,,is a gal split into 3 sold,Pit money。
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[エウシュリー] Seal Quiet のグラセスタ

This is the game that eushlly just released yesterday.,It's mainly about the protagonist's fall from a mercenary to an enemy.,A story aimed at the slave's "start"!
This is supposed to be a traditional RPG game.,There's a combat system.,Card System,Strengthen the system and so on a lot of。 Continue reading

[Megami soft] Con daily Fox-rice was pretty alone and let it be no inu-

Yoshihisa died with toys this kind 废 ««end of MoE,Painting landscape 还 "很 不错 of,
Only PCs with a quaint set constant 就是 íø × hard is on,Supply Fox daughter do tools,Hōnen later deported one modded screaming taketombo is on an East West for optional came bolting 奖 rare tool。 Continue reading

[Bug system] ヘイズマン-the LOCAL HERO- / Earth Warrior [Chinese hard basic version]

This game is all pure love.,There is no element of abuse.,It should be said that the basic is mainly funny,The main thing is that the male master collected the harem.,To have some disputes with your harem, and then solve the story.,Buddy is also a member of the harem.。 Continue reading

[@OZ] Kappa were attacks aimed at the monster tentacle 尻子玉 school girl

还是 @OZ work,This PCs is 9 of tsukide,Now heaven untill nurses look at stocking,
Mainly about a little girl who looks like a cat girl and doesn't know why she walked to a school with monsters.,And then it was a bunch of monsters.. Continue reading

[@OZ] Saint 陥 more Female picker It assault いかかる and soldier

@OZ new work.,15The Century of Joan of Arc was tragically 3D.。。hahaha。If you don't know how to open it, you can use Locale-emulator load to open。You can also search this site tutorial。
Basically, 2 strong men catch Joan and,Little Whip.,Riding a bamboo horse or something.。 Continue reading